Footprint are a thought-provoking agency with years of experience and a passion to get things not just right, but perfect. - Gregg Corbett, Marketing Director, Avery Office & Consumer Products

We work in an extremely competitive environment and the coverage we have achieved working with Footprint Communications is certainly helping to put us on the map. - John Crawford, MD, The VAT Consultancy

We are very impressed and pleased with what the team at Footprint have done so far. They understand our needs, and are proactive and innovative, delivering on all promises! - Paul Huxley, MD, Huxley Golf

The positive coverage we have gained through Footprint Communications has resonated with our clients and given us a really supportive media environment in which to drive forward our marketing activities. - Mark Eaton, MD, Amnis

The friendly team at Footprint are always on hand to offer speedy, strategic advice. We see them as a natural extension of our marketing team. - Sean Guerin, Marketing Communications Manager, Total Gas & Power

Let's Create Some Noise!

We love any PR or marketing challenge but we get especially excited when we can bring sustainable businesses to life.  To help them be heard.  To amplify their brand.

You may have a new green product, service or company initiative to launch. Or you might find yourself increasingly competing against those who do. Or it might just be that you share our approach to doing business a little bit differently, a little bit smarter.

Whatever your start point, we’re here to accompany you on your journey. Our aim is to help create truly great companies, competitive now and even more so in the future. Our belief is that, although there are still so many questions around sustainability, business plays a powerful role in creating solutions.

Let us amplify what you do.   Let’s get the conversation going throughout your world.  That means your teams, your local community, your customers, potential customers, suppliers, potential suppliers, key influencers and regulatory bodies…everyone that matters to your organisation.  Let’s see where that communication journey takes us.  You might be surprised at how far your CSR can take you.